T i m a h

Timah TIM
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Timah, TIM, The Reward Points

Timah is a Qora asset, a blockchain token created using Qora, asset # 192.

TIM is a Ardor-Ignis asset, a blockchain token created using Ignis child chain, asset ID 18330576449896160871

The Reward Points is in-app reward system at aitway.com.sg .

Timah = TIM = The Reward Points

All Timah-Tim-The reward points token services are based on.

Timah-TIM as a liquidity channel for Qora token

Qora and Ignis, both sides have Timah-TIM DEX for Qora and Ignis, indirectly Qora can be swapped with Ignis. Ignis have been listed at some exchanges, but no exchange lists Qora. Our service is simple, If you can swap Qora with Ignis, it is a liquidity channel for Qora.