Install instructions 1. Run the "Capitalism Lab - Beta v.2.7.05.exe" installer file. 2. Once installed, navigate to the install directory (easiest way is to right-click the desktop icon and select "Open file location"). 3. Open the Crack directory (from the archive you downloaded) and copy the "CapMain.exe" file into the install directory (overwrite the original file) 4. Disconnect from the internet (or block access) 5. Run the game using the decktop shortcut or the "CapStart.exe" file. 6. When prompted for the username and password, enter "dou888" for both. 7. Profit! Please note I can not guarantee this is a 100% working version. So far I have played 3 games over several hours (so about 20 in-game years spread over 3 games) and I did not encounter any problems. But this does not mean there might not be some problems later on and/or problems I didn't encounter before uploading. Also note I am not sure if step 4 is required or not. I don't think it is, but on one occasion when I did start the game connected to the internet, the game froze when creating a new game. This might have been a one off though. And as always if you enjoy the game please strongly consider purchasing it to support the developer. Games like this are rare enough as it is, so please do what you can to help support the future of this genre.