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Do you know?

You can create your own web3page at Qora

web3page under QNS is exchangeable between two wallets.

/2nft : NFT marketplace managed by AITWAY

/2nft is a Qora Name Service(QNS) owned by /aitway_v2 .

How 2nft how work?

i) 2 blockchains paltform in use, Qora and Ardor-Ignis, /aitway_v2 will create a NFT token each blockchain.

ii) NFT token at Ardor-Ignis : freely tradeable at Ardor DEX.

iii) NFT token at Qora blockchain : hold by the 2nft issuer, tradeable at Qora DEX but only can sell to the owner of the NFT token at Ardor-Ignis.

iV) A QNS with web3page will create by issuer to host the information of the 2nft.

v) 2nft-full-Owner is the owner of both NFTs at Ardor-Ignis and Qora blockchain, the 2nft-full-Owner need to redeem(return both NFT token to issuer) the physical product within 3 months.

vi) Items with 2nft-full-Owner is consider sold, a sold record will put up at web3page under the QNS.

vii) The QNS is tradeable at Qora QNS Exchange, 2nft-full-Owner is optional to redeem the QNS with 10000Qora.

viii) Issuer can re-use the ONS for others sale, or delete the content of the QNS, or sell the QNS.

Bitmain USB Antminer for SHA256 algorithm(Used)

QNS for 2nftantm info : /bitmain

2nftantm-Ignis (asset id : 5819929773495141636), 8000 Ignis at Ardor DEX.